555Guys love animals. Whether they’re furry, covered in scales or feathers but we love them the most when they’re fire breathing and mystical.

No matter what preference we choose when it comes to choosing a pet, I think it is important to consider a few things.

So like the cool guy that I am, I have created a simple yet precise guide that every man should follow before considering to purchase or better yet, adopt a pet.

Read on, men…

Consider what type of animal best suits your lifestyle.

– Do you have enough time to give a dog attention? Do you have enough time to train him, bathe him and make sure he doesn’t chew on the wiring to your home system?

It’s important to think of what type of animal and what breed best suits your personality and your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something interesting that requires little attention then maybe an aquarium full of fish would be the right choice for you since you only need to feed and clean their tanks.

Research & Study.

– Congratulations, you’ve finally decided what your soon to be pet will be! Now it’s time to gather enough information about it and assess if this pet is still the right pet for you otherwise, you might want to reconsider.

Some animals need to be kept in an ideal environment like how some dogs cannot survive humid locations. So research and study the life span, living requirements, diet and whatever information you can gather about your new pet so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Invest in Insurance

– Although the most topics in terms of insurance are the best pet insurance for dogs, there are in fact different types of insurances for any type of animal for as long as you ask your local vet.

It’s important to invest in this because you only want the best for your pet. Plus, investing prepares you for emergencies just in case something unexpected happens which hopefully, never does.

Prepare your home

– Now that you’re more or less set up, the last thing to do is prepare your home for your new pet. It’s important to prepare your home for a new pet to ensure that nothing gets ruined and that you and your pet can live together in a favorable environment.

Good luck, mate!


2014-11-20_1317Recently, I’ve learned how to appreciate my girlfriend’s cat more and more even if I honestly couldn’t stand the damn thing at first.

First of all, men do not own cats, we own big dogs that like to roughen it up and run around outside- not cats that like to snuggle up your leg and leave fur balls in the weirdest places.

I haven’t had a dog in a while since I only live in a small apartment but I’ve always imagined myself moving out and finally getting one. When I asked my girlfriend to live with me, forgetting she owned a cat, I couldn’t lie… I was a bit disappointed. But I love my girlfriend, I plan to propose to her any time soon and if she comes with the cat then I guess I’ll have to take the cat, too.

It’s been around 3 months since I’ve shared a home with my wonderful girlfriend and surprisingly, I’ve slowly learned that owning a cat isn’t actually the worst thing in the world… even for a dude like me.

Cats are known to be almost exact opposites of dogs but they have perks of their own that eventually grown on you… given the right amount of time.

I used to hate it so much when they would rub up your leg but after a while, it gets a bit endearing. Cats don’t usually do that to just everyone so the moment they start showing that gesture to you, you can’t help but appreciate it!

One of the best things I’ve learned to appreciate about cats is how they require very little maintenance. In the 3 months that my girlfriend’s cat has been with us, never have I had to wipe his pee or pick up a lump of poop since he just goes in his own litter box. It’s really a quite astonishing thing about cats. Plus, we have the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box which makes cleaning his filth so much easier! This could easily be the number one reason why I love cats now.

Poop stories aside, cats are surprisingly really cool (and not to mention, totally manly) pets. They’re pretty fuss free since they like to keep to themselves and you don’t even have to bathe them since they like to it themselves.

I know I should blame my girlfriend for slowly turning me into a chick but I’ll probably do that after I go do my nails…